The South Carolina Soybean Board (SCSB) is soliciting applied soybean research proposals that will assist South Carolina soybean farmers in growing a more productive and profitable soybean crop.  The SCSB is open to proposals that may also benefit South Carolina soybean farmers and/or the soybean industry in SC through promotion, education, market development or data management, for example. Provided below are a list of proposal topics that would be of interest to the farmer-led board. Other proposals are also encouraged.

  • Market development in-state
  • Stinkbug complex management
  • Monetizing protein advantage
  • Biodiesel supply enhancement in SC
  • Chicken litter as sole fertilizer
  • Deer pressure
  • Fungicide use
  • Potash retention in subsoil and the potential for reducing fertilizer requirements
  • Foundation seed development – 5’s and/or 6’s

Proposals should be completed by following the provided templates. Be sure to read all fine print on each of the templates, ensuring that all applicable questions are addressed and document formatting is accurate.

Proposals are due by Friday, January 19, 2024, and should be submitted to Mary Catherine Cromley, Executive Director of the SC Soybean Board, via email at one file per proposal should be uploaded or submitted. Please use the following naming convention when naming files, prior to submission, 2022Date(yrmoday)_(PI Last Name)_(Abbreviated Proposal Title)_FN/POP. For further clarification, please see the note on the bottom of page two of the “FY2020_Proposal_Template” file provided.

Please note the following: the Board will not fund overhead or fixed assets nor will the Board pay Graduate Assistant Differential (GAD) for a graduate student whose salary is being funded in any part by the SCSB. The SC Soybean Board does not pay for principal investigator salaries/benefits, overhead or capital equipment.

Funding requests should only be for one (1) year, with work being completed by January 31,2025. (Note: this date is subject to change). Progress reports are to be submitted on-time using the National Soybean Research Database platform, if applicable. Payment is contingent on the submission of these reports.

Researchers or project managers are asked to publicly acknowledge funding from farmer checkoff dollars whenever possible, including at field days, in publications, etc.

Funding decisions will be made at the discretion of the farmer-led board. If a project is approved by the Board, a research or project agreement will be developed or updated acceptable to both parties.

The Board will hear proposal presentations at the Phillips Market Center located at the South Carolina State Farmers Market in West Columbia on Tuesday, January 20th, 2024.  Presentations can be made in-person or virtually. Computer and audio-visual equipment will be made available for those presenting in-person. Those presenting in-person should submit presentations prior to the meeting.

Each institution who received funding from the South Carolina Soybean Board for projects for the 2023 year will also be expected to give a brief project overview on the the day of the meeting.  A final project report should also be submitted using the online database, if applicable.

Please be sure to review and download all attachments.

On behalf of the SC Soybean Board, I would like to thank you and your team for your service to the soybean industry and to South Carolina farmers.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone at 803.422.7889 or by email at

Download the proposal template.

Submit Your Proposals Here.

Final and quarterly reports can be submitted to