Research Done with You in Mind

From adverse weather to pest and disease infestation, soybean farmers face new challenges each season. To address these challenges, the farmer-led South Carolina soy checkoff invests in research to help soybean farmers obtain better quality, improve yields, control pests and diseases, and expand market options.

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Soybean Research & Information Network

The Soybean Research & Information Network is designed for farmers to read about all the benefits of checkoff-funded research projects in their state.

  • Read summaries and highlights of the latest research
  • Discover resources and publications
  • Explore topics including agronomics, diseases and pests
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National Soybean Research Database

The National Soybean Research Database is a searchable database for a basic overview of checkoff-funded research projects by state, year and categories.

  • Read articles and summaries about research projects
  • See up-close information about soybean diseases and pests
  • Find the latest publications and resources
  • Learn what’s new in soybean research